The Brehm Center for Diabetes Research is a high-tech hub for type 1, type 2, obesity, and metabolic disease research.

Basic questions like "Why do some people get type 1 diabetes and others do not?" and "How can we prevent, slow, or even reverse the disease and its effects?" drive the work of the U-M diabetes scientists, who toil late into the night in busy laboratories filled with cell cultures, gene sequencers, high-powered microscopes, and protein analyzers.

Learn about the Preventing Early Renal Loss (PERL) Study for Type 1 Diabetes:

The Brehm Center research team work closely together to foster new knowledge in the lab and translate this into new therapies for patients. The team is represented in all areas of research: basic, translational, and clinical.

The scientists include the Brehm Professors, U-M Brehm Investigators, and Brehm Center Researchers.