Safety Planning

The decision to leave an abusive situation is difficult and dangerous. If the decision to return home is made, that decision is respected. If the decision is made to leave, a medical professional can assist in the development of an escape plan for the patient and their children (if necessary) before a dangerous situation occurs. The following areas are reviewed:

Domestic Violence Checklist: What you need to take when you leave, if possible.

____ Money, checkbook
____ Bank books
____ Identification: Driver's license, social security cards, passport, green card, public assistance ID, work permit, welfare identification, birth certificates (yours and your children's)
____ Lease, rental agreement, house deed
____ Medications
____ Divorce or paternity papers
____ Medical records of all family members
____ House and car keys
____ Insurance papers
____ Address book
____ School records
____ Personal protection orders (PPOs)/legal records
____ Clothing
____ Pets
____ Children's small toys
____ Pictures
____ Other: