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The YourChild Internet Guide

How to Find the Best of the Web
on Parenting and Child Behavior and Development

The Internet is an amazing resource for parents. A world of parenting information is just a search engine away! But it’s easy to become lost and confused—there are just so many Web sites out there. How do you know if you can trust what you read? Anyone can publish anything on the World Wide Web. There’s no quality control. Many sites are pushing an agenda, and others are trying to sell a product. Some are just plain wrong.

If you can’t find what you need to know here on YourChild, arm yourself with some tools to go out and tackle the ‘Net. Start by reading this Boston Globe article by Barbara Meltz, Parents Want Answers? Surf the Web with Some Skepticism. The article covers some of the potential pitfalls of surfing the ‘Net as a parent.

Below are our picks for the most trustworthy sites on the Web for the information you need as a parent.

Whenever you can, make these sites your starting points as you begin your search:


Compiled by Kyla Boyse, RN.
Reviewed by faculty and staff at the University of Michigan.

Updated November 2010


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