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YourChild Survey

The University of Michigan YourChild Web site does not provide specific
medical advice. Use of the YourChild Web site and this survey does not
replace medical consultation with a qualified health or medical professional
to meet the health and medical needs of you or others.

1. What information or topic were you looking for?

2. This website provided useful information:
At this site.
Through the links to other sites.
Did not provide useful information.

3. Please check all that apply. This website:
Helped me sort through the Internet information about the topic I was interested in.
Helped me find support and other resources.
Provided comprehensive information.
Was easy to navigate.
Had balanced coverage of controversial issues.

4. I feel better prepared as a parent after visiting this website.
Strongly agree
Neutral/Don't know
Strongly disagree

5. I will use this site again.

6. I will tell other parents about this site.

7. Do you have additional questions about the topic you visited?  If so, ask
them here, and we will try to answer them in an upcoming YourChild podcast
interview with a University of Michigan expert on the topic.

8. Do you have any other suggestions/comments?


Thank you for helping to make this a better web site. We appreciate your comments!

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