UMHS Volunteer Services

Welcome to UMHS Volunteer Services! We are pleased to know of your interest in volunteering at this world-renowned medical center, where we put patients and families first and are dedicated to their care and comfort. With over 2,000 active volunteers at UMHS, the generosity and spirit of giving is an essential component in the healing process. Our volunteers change people's lives, and their lives are changed forever as well.

We welcome you to join us!

2015 Winter Bazaar

The second annual Community Programs & Services 2015 Winter Bazaar will take place on Thursday, December 3rd from 3:30pm - 6:30pm at the CPS offices, 2025 Traverwood Drive, Suites A1-6, Ann Arbor. Proceeds from the bazaar will support a Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS) family this holiday season. Want to display your arts and crafts? Contact Lindsay McCarthy if you have any questions.