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UMHS Volunteer Distinguished Service Award

Nominations are now being accepted! Please click here for the Nomination Form.

Deadline for Submission:

Friday, February 28, 2014


UMHS Volunteer Recognition Committee Guidelines in Selecting Distinguished Service Awardees



To ensure decisions are fair, unbiased, and based solely on the nomination information.

Who is eligible?

Any individual student, community member, group, or organization, or volunteer placement supervisor whose ongoing service (in conjunction with programs supported by UMHS Volunteer Services) has a positive impact on patients and families at the University of Michigan Health System in a substantial, important, or unique way.

Who is not eligible?

Additional Guidelines

UMHS Volunteer Recognition Committee Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form

Award Selection

Nominations will be evaluated by the multi-disciplinary Volunteer Recognition Committee. Committee decisions are final.

Award Announcement

Award announcements will be posted in the Bulletin, at least two weeks before the Volunteer Recognition Event.

*A note regarding Groups/Organizations: While we salute the tremendous work and significant impact provided by many groups of UM/UMHS employees, their family members, and friends who offer their skills and expertise beyond the boundaries of UMHS - out in the community and across the world, the intent of this award is to honor a volunteer group who goes beyond their job description to contribute directly and signficantly to UMHS patients and families. Therefore, those who volunteer as an extension of one's job responsibilities are not eligible for this award. We sincerely commend those who do this, however!