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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a volunteer?

Potential volunteers must complete an application that includes a criminal history background check and reference forms. The Volunteer Checklist provides additional information on what is needed to volunteer. Applicants are interviewed three times a year (September, January, and April/May).

How old must you be to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer is 16 years old.

What is the volunteer commitment?

We ask for a six month commitment from our volunteers. Of course, we will accept volunteers who wish to extend beyond the six month commitment.

Where can I find information about the different volunteer opportunities?

Please visit our website at Click on the tab “Volunteer at UMHS,” put in your zip code and click “Submit.” Click “Next” to advance through the listings.

How do I get a volunteer application?

There are three ways to request/access the application materials:

  1. Download the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Checklist
  2. Pick up an application packet at the Volunteer Services office – L2616 Women’s
  3. E-mail Volunteer Services at with the correct spelling of your name and address, a packet will be mailed to you.

Please hand-carry the application and requested materials to your interview. It is not necessary to submit the materials ahead of time.

When can I schedule an interview appointment?

Interview schedules and dates for interviews are posted on the Volunteer Services Web site at

Do I need to mail in my application before the interview?

No. Please hand-carry your application, reference forms, proof of MMR and copy of your driver’s license or state ID with you on the day of your interview. Applications mailed to Volunteer Services ahead of time are not saved.

This is my freshman year of college, may I volunteer?

It is the practice of Volunteer Services to not accept first-semester freshman volunteers. We encourage you to work on adjusting to life away from home and the rigors of college life, before adding volunteering to what may be an, already, overwhelming schedule. If you are still interested, please contact us during your second semester.

I volunteered three years ago and would like to do so, again. What do I need to do?

You will need to complete a new volunteer application and repeat the process. We do not consider anyone who volunteered more than two years ago as a “returning” volunteer.

I have donations for Mott Hospital, how and where do I drop them off?

Donations and information on making donations to Mott Hospital is available by calling the Mott Community Relations Office at 764-6874.

My group would like to visit the children in Mott, how do I arrange this?

The Mott Community Relations Office handles all requests for Mott Hospital. Please ask to speak with the manager, Kim Barker.

I am a musician and would like to play for the patients, how do I arrange this?

The Gifts of Arts Program handles these requests. Information is available on their Web site or by calling 936-ARTS.