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George O'Brien Urology Research Center

*Call for Proposal Applications 2008*

The O’Brien Center for Urologic Research at the University of Michigan aims to address a broad range of basic, translational and clinical concerns relevant to urological diseases. The Center was designed around the U-M's multidisciplinary urology research program. The five-year, $3.4 million award supports an administrative core, three research projects and a developmental award program.

Under the leadership of principle investigator Mark Day, Ph.D., the administrative core provides scientific oversight as well as biostatistical support focusing on cDNA array analysis, and preclinical and clinical modeling analysis.

In addressing the Center’s scientific objectives, three research projects were assembled that reflect a range of investigation across various urological diseases. The projects span from pediatric to adult urological disease, and from basic science to clinical research.

In Project 1, Jill Macoska, Ph.D.,is examining the effects of aging on stromal-epithelial interaction that may have implications for the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In Project 2, John Park is investigating the role of COX-2 in obstructive nephropathy.

Martin Sanda is the director of Project 3, which utilizes a hybrid transgenic mouse model to examine prostate-specific T cell tolerance that may impact immune intervention in benign and malignant prostate diseases.

The developmental award program is directed by Macoska and Stuart Wolf, M.D., and will award three $60,000 seed grants annually. Grants will be awarded to support research that broadens the scientific scope of the Center by integrating new investigators across the University in diverse areas such as developmental biology, cell biology and epidemiology.

Urologic Oncology Research Initiative