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Medical Expulsive Therapy versus Early Endoscopic Stone Removal for Acute Renal Colic: An Instrumental Variable Analysis (Journal of Urology)

  1. Multivariable Results Obtained Using Standard Regression Techniques to Account for Measured Confounders for the Combined Cohort of Men and Women


Medicare Payments for Outpatient Urologic Surgery by Location of Care (Journal of Urology)

  1. Identifying Procedures of Interest


Understanding the Utilization of Immediate Intravesical Chemotherapy for Patients with Bladder Cancer (Journal of Urology)

  1. Supplementary Table 1
  2. Supplementary Appendix 1
  3. Supplementary Appendix 2

Population based trends in the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (Journal of Urology)

Table #1
Table #2
Table #3

Surgical Quality Among Medicare Beneficiaries Undergoing Outpatient Urologic Surgery

Table #1

An assessment of the quality of medical care among early-stage prostate cancer patients undergoing expectant management in the U.S. (Journal of Urology)

  1. Conbined view of Tables #2 & #3
  2. Table #2
  3. Table #3

Review Article on Afferent Neurourology: An Epidemiologic Perspective (Journal of Urology)

  1. Combined view of all tables
  2. Table #2
  3. Table #3
  4. Table #4
  5. Table #5

Long-term Outcomes of Nephroureterctomy versus Endoscopic Management for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (Journal of Urology)

  1. Combined view of all Tables
  2. Table #1
  3. Table #2
  4. Table #3
  5. Table #4
  6. Table #5

Bladder Management After Spinal Cord Injury in the Unites State 1972-2005

  1. Supplemental Table 3

Development and Validation of the Bladder Cancer Index (BCI)- A Comprehensive Disease-Specific measure of Health Related Quality of Life For Patients with Localized Bladder Cancer

  1. BCI

Opening of Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Rates of Stone Surgery in Healthcare Markets

  1. appendix

The Delivery of Prostate Cancer Care in the U.S.: Implications for Delivery System Reform (Journal of Urology)

  1. Table


  1. Appendix A and B

National Trends in the Usage and Success of Sacral Nerve Test Stimulation

1. Table #1

Surgeon characteristics and long-term trends in the adoption of laparoscopic radical nephrectomy

  1. Combined view of the three tables
  2. Table #1
  3. Table #2
  4. Table #3

Systematic Review of Urological Follow-up after Spinal Cord Injury by: Anne P. Cameron, Gianna M. Rodriguez and Katherine G. Schomer

  1. Supplemtal table 1 search terms
  2. appendix A- articles included and excluded from review
  3. Supplement table 3 upper tract and stones