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Dow Division for Urologic Health Services Research

Our Core Values

  • Unrelenting desire to be the very best at what we do
  • 3 C’s – Collaboration, Creativity, Clinical relevance

Our Raison D’etre - To conduct innovative, policy and clinically oriented research that improves the safety, quality, and costs of care for patients with urological and surgical conditions; to expand the field and frontiers of health services research through the education the next generation of leaders in urology.

Our BHAG – To become the preeminent group in the U.S. with respect to clinical and policy-oriented research in the field of urology and beyond.

A Vivid Description of our Future
The Dow Division will be THE leader in urologic health services research. Our contributions to generalizable knowledge will be so relevant to healthcare delivery that investigators, media and policymakers will consider us the “go-to” group for key discussions of policy and for demonstration projects. Trainees will rank us the top choice for fellowship and mentoring. We will be a model of research and training sustainability for others to emulate.

Our Approach –

  • Provide formal HSR training to future leaders in academic urology
  • Maintain an environment conducive for collaborative research and mentorship
  • Invest in creativity and relevance
  • Grow in measured steps towards our Vision
  • Lead by example and never compromise on our values
  • Regularly confront the brutal realities of our research portfolio in order to divest from clinically irrelevant or barren efforts