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Hereditary Prostate Cancer

Kathleen A. Cooney, M.D.

Research in this laboratory focuses on the molecular genetics of sporadic and inherited prostate cancer. In 1995, we established the University of Michigan Prostate Cancer Genetics Project (PCGP) with the goal of characterizing the molecular basis of hereditary prostate cancer. To date, we have over 500 families who have provided family/medical history, as well as DNA samples, in order to participate in this study. These families have been used for linkage studies to localize prostate cancer susceptibility genes. Using a subset of these families, we were able to demonstrate the contribution of HPC1 at 1q24-25 to prostate cancer susceptibility. We have also observed some evidence of prostate cancer linkage to the newly recognized HPCX at Xq27-28. Our laboratory actively participates in the newly formed International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. Data from some PCGP families was included in the recently published meta-analysis of HPC1 linkage, which incorporated information from over 700 prostate cancer families collected throughout the world. Our research is also performing studies of potential low-penetrance prostate cancer genes using the case-control samples obtained through the Flint Men's Health Study.

Urologic Oncology Research Initiative