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Urologic Oncology Fellowship in Department of Urology
University of Michigan


J Stuart Wolf Jr MD

Professor, Urology

After receiving his M.D. degree from Northwestern University in 1988, Dr. Wolf completed the urology residency program at the University of California (San Francisco) in 1994, followed by an Endourology/Laparoscopy Fellowship with Ralph Clayman in St. Louis. He joined the University of Michigan faculty in July of 1996 as the Director of the Division of Minimally Invasive Urology (now the Division of Endourology and Stone Disease), has co-directed the Urologic Oncology and Endourology/Laparoscopy Fellowship at the University of Michigan since 2002, and is the Associate Department Chair for Clinical Operations. Involved in professional activities at the regional, national and international levels, Dr. Wolf serves on the Executive Committee of the Michigan Urologic Society, is the Chair of the AUA Practice Guidelines Committee, and sits on the Board of Directors of the Endourological Society.

As an author of more than 225 scientific articles and 125 invited publications, Dr. Wolf has served on the editorial boards of eleven journals, including the Journal of Endourology and the Journal of Urology. Dr. Wolf's clinical practice focuses on urologic laparoscopy and endourology, through which he teaches residents and fellows daily. His scholarly work has been recognized by awards and/or research grants from the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Endourological Society, the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, the American Urological Association, and two sections of the American Urological Association. His research centers on the development of new techniques for laparoscopy and other minimally invasive procedures, and the critical assessment of such techniques within the spectrum of health care.


Clinical Interests: Minimally invasive urology, laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery performed with telescopes through small incisions), endoscopy (minimally invasive surgery performed with telescopes in the urinary tract), kidney stone disease, and renal disease including cysts and cancer.

Research: New instruments and techniques in laparoscopy and endoscopy and new techniques in kidney stone disease management.