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Urologic Oncology Fellowship in Department of Urology
University of Michigan

The Clinical Program

During the clinical component, fellows will have exposure to a wide variety of oncologic disease states across a diverse patient population. The fellow will attend clinic with program faculty at least one day per week and will also lead a small independent clinic one-half day per week. This will integrate the fellow into the early part of the diagnostic and treatment processes. The fellow will spend 2-3 days in the operating room where the focus will be on surgical didactics. Fellow case logs will be reviewed with the Program Director on a quarterly basis to ensure that benchmarks are met.

To enhance the understanding of multidisciplinary care, fellows will have significant interaction with a wide range of faculty in clinical settings, research laboratories, and during multidisciplinary conferences.  Fellows will rotate with selected faculty specializing in genitourinary medical oncology (2 weeks), radiation oncology (2 weeks), surgical pathology (1 week), and radiology (1 week). We hope these experiences will spawn multidisciplinary scholarship and give the fellow greater insight into the management of complex patients.

Conference Activity

During the course of the fellowship program, trainees are expected to participate in conferences offered by the Department of Urology. These include Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference, Oncology Research Conference, the Prostate Program quarterly conference, the Bladder Cancer Program monthly conference, Urology Grand Rounds, Urology Research Literature Review, and the Annual Urology Research Symposium. In addition, mandatory research conferences will be offered during the research experience in order to enhance the fellow’s understanding of ongoing projects and general research principals. Fellows will also attend selected conferences and seminars conducted within the University of Michigan Health System. These are designed to enhance the fellow’s expertise in clinical oncology, research ethics and responsibility, and knowledge of basic science and clinical research.

The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test (OKAT)

Fellows will take the OKAT examination annually. This mandatory examination is prepared by the Society of Urologic Oncology in conjunction with the American Urologic Association /American Board of Urology Examination Committee. It provides the test taker with a self-assessment of their fund of knowledge in urologic oncology.