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The Reed M. Nesbit Society

The Reed M. Nesbit Urologic Society is the alumni organization of the Department of Urology at the University of Michigan. The membership of the Society includes residents who trained at Michigan, clinical fellows, faculty and selected others. The Society was constituted in 1972 and the first by-laws were drafted by the late John W. Konnak, MD (who finished his residency in 1969). Prior to this time, there had been informal gatherings of alumni dating back to 1963 as part of the overall Michigan Medical Center Alumni Association. Description: these early meetings the tradition of gathering together to discuss scientific, professional and academic concerns in conjunction with good fellowship and an opportunity to rekindle old friendships was firmly established. At the charter meeting in 1972, the by-laws were ratified and the Society’s distinct logo was adopted. The logo is a reminder of the long tradition of urology in medicine and its early adoption of the science of technology. It has a central image portraying a medieval era urologist performing uroscopy by contemplating the appearance of a jordan (or matula) of urine. Rigdon “Rod” K. Ratliff, MD (residency 1938) was elected the first president with Karl R. Herwig, MD (residency 1967) serving as the first secretary.

Fall meetings were initially held biennually, changing to an annual meeting in 2003. The format usually includes a scientific session with a guest speaker on Friday, a reunion dinner Friday night and a brunch on Saturday followed by attending a football game at Michigan Stadium. Past Visiting Professors included doctors: George Webster, Joseph Smith, Louis Kavoussi, Joel Nelson, Claus Roehrborn, Mark Litwin, Colin Dinney and Marshall Stoller, MD.  In 2012 we coordinated the meeting with the Health Services Research Symposium. There is also an annual reception held by the Society during the national American Urological Association meeting in San Diego, California in May 2013. Details of the reception will appear here as it develops.

For more information or an invitation to join the private Nesbit Society Facebook Group pleasse contact Anne Oldendorf, M.D., or Sandra Heskett at 734-232-4943


Past Meetings: