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Dr. Bloom's What's New Newsletters to the Department

Dr. Hafez Ms. Longley NPR  
Dr. Wei Dr. Faerber Pediatric Urology  
Dr. Wan

Dr. Wolf

The Bitter Pill Time Magazine Feb 20 2013

Dr. Hollingsworth

The Future of Quality Measurement

Dr. Dillman and

Dr. Morgenstern

WN VA WN HSR Fellows Guildlines for Preparing Data in Excel Use of restaging bladder tumor resection for bladder cancer among Medicare beneficiaries Urology 2011
VISN 11 Combined Urology Service Agreement

Research Update

Restaging memo example
Dr. Kozminski Fellows: Drs. Schroeck & Womble Communications, Marketing & Networking Part I Guidance Letters for referring docs
Dr. Ivancic G.R. Presentation
Communications Marketing & Branding Part II Dr. Ghani Fellows: Drs. Cansanova, Cox, & Suskind Taubman ACU


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