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Urology Health Topics

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Ultrasound Postvoid Residual

This test is performed to measure the amount of urine that is left in your bladder after you have made an attempt to empty it completely.

This study is done with ultrasound. You will be asked to lie flat on the exam table. The surface of your lower abdomen and pelvis will need to be exposed. A towel will be placed along the waistband of your clothing to protect it from the gel that is used for the study. Gel is placed on the skin over your bladder. The ultrasound probe will be placed over this area, and a recording will be made. Your care provider will review the image and measurement with you.

You will have no side effects as a result of this study.

There is no special preparation for this study and you may resume your usual daily activities immediately following the ultrasound.

Revised by Jerilyn M. Latini, MD , Deborah Crider, NP, Charlene Neer, RN and Dawna D. Allore, RN., May 2006