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Patient Information

Robotic or Open Radical Prostatectomy

Preoperative instructions: 

Typically you will see a nurse clinician 2-3 weeks prior to surgery for a complete examination.  If additional consultations are needed to evaluate medical conditions they will be done that day.  During this visit you will be asked to participate in several research studies that are voluntary.  Most of these relate to evaluation of the prostate after surgery and contacting you to determine how well you are doing after surgery. 

The day before surgery you should have only clear liquids and nothing after midnight.  The operating room will contact you the day before with information regarding when to arrive at the hospital and where.

Post-operative hospital stay

The surgery takes approximately 3-4 hours.  You will be in the recovery room for 2-4 hours and then go to your hospital room.  Occasionally, you may stay next to the recovery room depending on bed availability.

If you are undergoing a robotic prostatectomy, occasionally we may need to convert to an open radical prostatectomy if the operation is not progressing well or intraoperative findings dictate that an open operation would be better. 

The vast majority of patients will leave the hospital the day after surgery. However, if additional recovery time is needed then we can easily accommodate the additional hospital stay.

We performed a comparison between open and robotic prostatectomy. All data below is from the time of surgery. Patients undergoing a Robotic prostatectomy had less blood loss and less narcotic use in the hospital.

Health Outcome Measure

DVP(median) (Robotic)

RRP(median) (Open)

P value

EBL (estimated blood loss)




Operative time




Hospital Narcotic Use




LOS (length of hospital stay)

1 day

1 day


Time of narcotic use

9 days

9 days


Time to Normal Activity

9 days

8 days


Time to driving 

13 days

14 days


Time to 100% Activity

21 days

28 days


July 2006