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Patient Information

Instructions For Care Following Percutaneous Nephrostomy

Activity-gradually increase activity with short frequent walks, three to four times a day. Avoid strenuous activities, like sports, lawn mowing, or heavy lifting, more than ____ pounds. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that won’t pull or kink the tube or tubes. Check the dressing often to make sure the tubing is securely taped in place to avoid
pulling on or kinking it. Do not drive while taking pain medication, or until your doctor permits it. Wait to resume sexual activity until after clinic visit, unless your doctor instructs otherwise.

Bathing and dressing change. You may shower unless otherwise instructed. Do not soak in bathtub.

Gather all you dressing supplies before you shower. Securely cover the tube and insertion site with a layers of saran wrap taped into place, then you may shower. Change the dressing after you shower. Remove the saran wrap and used dressing carefully so you don’t pull on the tube. Discard the dressing in plastic bag.

Gently clean around the insertion site with liquid soap (like Dial) and warm water, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry with a clean towel. Check the insertion site and the skin area around it for any signs of increased redness, temperature, swelling, pain tenderness, bleeding, foul drainage, or urine leakage Do not apply ointment or alcohol to the site, just keep it clean and dry. Apply the clean dressing.

Gauze Dressing
Change_______________________, or if the dressing becomes loose or soiled. Apply the drain sponge (a 4 by 4 with a slit) carefully and cover with a regular 4 by 4 dressing. Tape the tube securely to you skin as well as the dressing.

Other dressing
Change ________________________, or if the dressing becomes loose or soiled. Use ______________________________________________________________.

Tube and drainage bag care.
Always make sure the tube is taped securely and do not let the drainage bag hang freely to pull on the tube. Pin the bag to your clothing being careful not to puncture the bag or tubing. If the tubing has a white plastic stopcock, make sure it is open and draining into the bag. Measure and record the amount and color of the urine and notify your doctor if the amount increases or decreases markedly _______. Notify your doctor if the urine changes to a pink or red color. Use graph on the back of this page. Wash your hands before and after emptying the drainage bag. Empty the drainage bag when it is ½ to 2/3 full, and before going to bed. If you have a considerable amount of drainage and need empty the bag more often than__________, you may want to wear a leg bag during the day and a foley drainage bag at night. Consult with your doctor. When drainage bag is not in use, make sure the tubing end is covered with the cap that is included with the bag, this reduces the chance of an infection developing. Mix a solution of one part of white vinegar with an equal part of warm water, and flush the bag and tubing with it once a day. Drain the solution into the toilet.