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Patient Information

Instructions For Care Following Penile Prosthesis

You have just undergone a major operation. The healing process takes time and we would like for you to observe the following instructions during your initial recovery. We have written this information for you to use as a reference during this initial healing phase.


Pain Control

Our goal is to keep you comfortable. You pain medication will be ordered as needed (PRN). This is not a medication that is given to you on a schedule. Ask your nurse for pain medications as you need them. Your nurse will assess you frequently for pain or discomfort. However, please do not hesitate to ask for pain medication when you need it.

Foley Catheter

There will be a catheter in your bladder. The foley will be removed by your doctor the day after surgery when your urine is clear. You will be instructed to drink plenty of water so that you will be able to urinate.


You will be instructed to be up and about as much as you are able to tolerate. Sitting in the chair will be encouraged as well.

Scrotal roll for support

You may experience some swelling and redness of the scrotum. This is normal. A towel roll may be placed under your scrotum to help keep the swelling down.


You will start out with regular food as you tolerate it. Your can pick and choose from your tray. Don't force yourself to eat the first meal.


You will be receiving an antibiotic through your IV while you are in the hospital. This generally is for a 24 hour period of time. Your pain medication will be taken by mouth. You will be given antibiotics to take by mouth for 5-7 days at home following your surgery.



  • Avoid heavy lifting (greater than 5 pounds) or strenuous activity prior to your first follow up appointme