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Patient Information

Discharge Instructions Following Bilateral Orchiectomy

Although you may not realize it, you have undergone a major operation. With the removal of the testicles, the scrotum is empty and can fill up with fluid or blood if the proper precautions are not taken. For the first three weeks that you are at home, please follow these recommendations.

  1. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise (e.g. sit-ups, push-ups, jogging etc.). These activities may cause bleeding from the vessels that are located in the wall of the scrotum. However, you may take long walks and go up and down stairs. Try to limit stairs to twice a day initially.
  2. While you are up and about, you should always wear a scrotal support. This will keep the scrotum elevated while you are walking. When you lie down to take naps or when you go to bed at night, always place a small towel that has been rolled into the shape of a cylinder underneath your scrotum. This rolled towel will keep the scrotum elevated and prevent blood and fluid from accumulating inside it.
  3. Avoid constipation. This could also produce bleeding in the wall of the scrotum. Use milk of magnesia and/or mineral oil if necessary.
  4. Do not take Aspirin, Motrin or nonsteroidal analgesics they can induce bleeding. If you have pain, take Tylenol.
  5. When you are sitting upright in a firm chair for an extended period of time, make sure that your scrotum if free and not restricted either by your buttocks or legs. Sit in a lounge chair, recliner, or a chair with a footstool. You may also sit on a sofa as long as your scrotum is not restricted.
  6. If you should develop significant pain in the scrotum or should notice that the scrotum becomes excessively swollen call the Urology Resident on call at 734.936.6267.