Normal health, development, and performance require normal sleep. However, millions of Americans fail to get an adequate night's sleep due to sleep disorders. Such disorders contribute to depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, learning disorders, chronic pain, and motor vehicle accidents.

Sleep medicine is a relatively recent field. Despite rapid advances, the public and academic medicine remain largely ignorant of the importance of adequate sleep and much remains unknown about the mechanisms underlying healthy and disordered sleep.

The UM Center for Sleep Science's main goal is to advance knowledge and understanding in three areas

  • the physiology of normal sleep
  • diagnosis of sleep disorders
  • treatment of sleep problems

The UM Center for Sleep Science is an interdepartmental center dedicated to filling in the gaps in the understanding of sleep disorders. With more than 30 faculty from 15 departments all with an interest in sleep research, CSS strives to work both in the laboratories and the clinics to help patients with sleep disorders realize better health, productivity, and quality of life.

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