University of Michigan Medical Innovation Resources


The University Michigan
Pediatric Device Consortium

The University Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium advances the commercialization of pediatric devices both within and outside of the University, through the support of a grant from the Food & Drug Administration. Both guidance and limited funding are available to qualified projects. Contact (734) 763-0685 or visit the website at

M-Ped Pediatric Device Consortium

Fast Forward Medical Innovation

Fast Forward Medical Innovation is the U-M Medical School team working to accelerate biomedical innovation and commercialization in diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, and healthcare IT. With the ultimate goal of impacting patient health, Fast Forward Medical Innovation supports research at its inception, collaborates with commercial partners via novel methods, and enhances medical education by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels. Interested in more details? Contact (734) 615-5060 or visit the website.