The University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Program is a bridge between complementary or alternative medicine and conventional medical care. We review the conventional medical history as well as the use of unconventional approaches. Our practice optimizes health for the individual and provides further learning opportunities for all health care professionals involved.

Whether caring for a person with cancer or treating someone with an anxiety attack in the emergency room, an integrative approach offers gentle options considering the whole person alongside cutting-edge technology that may be lifesaving. Integrative therapies offer benefits in all specialties of medicine. Click on the following links for information on the therapies specifically offered through the Integrative Medicine Program:

Anthroposophic Medicine
Views health as a matter of mind-body-spirit balance and is centered on the idea that humans are not independent organisms but, instead, beings composed of the interactions of physical body, inner life body, soul (mind and emotions), and spiritual ego (self-awareness).

Holistic Family Medicine
Addresses the whole person and integrates conventional and complementary therapies to prevent and treat disease, but most importantly to promote optimal health.