UMIM Research

The mission of the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine research team is:

Program Description

UMIM researchers participate in activities linked to the following areas of programming:

University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Research. UMIM was established in 2007. Prior to that time, it was known as the Complementary and Alternative Research Center (CAMRC). The UMIM Research Center is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of researchers, under the leadership of cardiac surgeon, Steven F. Bolling, M.D., family physician, Sara L. Warber, M.D., and statistical analyst , Brenda Gillespie, Ph.D. This network of researchers extends across departments of the Medical School, among the allied health schools and colleges, through central campus departments, and includes integrative medicine practitioners from the community.

Michigan Integrative Health Research Council (MIHRC). The MIHRC promotes the development of a comprehensive structure for CAHIM research at the University of Michigan by facilitating the identification and acquisition of seed funding for pilot research, leveraging resources for common infrastructure needs, and providing a venue for connecting research mentors with mentees. The MIHRC facilitates interdisciplinary discussion related to the study of complementary, alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine. It also provides researchers with a venue for collaborative research and grant proposal development.

Cardioprotection Research Laboratory. Principal investigator: Steven Bolling, M.D. The laboratory investigates methods to protect the heart from ischemia/reperfusion damage. Ischemia/reperfusion damage can be severe and acute as during cardiac surgery procedures, or mild and chronic as with congestive heart failure. Researchers utilize both synthetic pharmaceuticals and natural phytochemicals, and examine their impact on several measures of cardiac function and viability following ischemia/reperfusion injury.