Healing Foods Pyramid

About Healing Foods Pyramid™

The Healing Foods Pyramid™, created in 2005 and updated in 2009, is an illustration of a balanced way of eating in which food is regarded as a source of healing and nurturing rather than simply a way to gain energy. Each category emphasizes the daily consumption of plant-based, whole foods including Water, Fruits & Vegetables, Grain, Legumes, Healthy Fats and Seasonings. The nutritional benefits of animal products are also highlighted but consumption is recommended as optional or as a small part of a balanced meal consisting mostly of plant foods. Therefore, Eggs, Dairy, Lean Meats and Fish & Seafood should accent the plate rather than play the starring role. Dark Chocolate is also included due to its healing qualities. Alcohol, when consumed in moderation, has potential health benefits. Use of alcohol should be guided by consideration of one’s personal health and history. Tea has been consumed through the ages as a healing food and relaxing ritual. Personal Space at the top of the pyramid is purposely left open to allow you to personalize the Healing Foods Pyramid™ by including an occasional treat that is healing for you.

This online nutrition educational tool allows readers to ‘click into’ each category to discover the details of the recommendations compiled from current research-based information. With the ever-changing ideas and research findings of food and nutrition, this Healing Foods Pyramid™ is a continuous and dynamic work in progress. With the complexity of nutrition choices and concepts today, no two-dimensional model can fully convey all considerations, and cannot substitute for a personalized consultation with a dietitian, clinical nutritionist, or knowledgeable health care provider who can tailor recommendations to your individual needs. However, the Healing Foods Pyramid™ provides information and guidelines to help you create your own balanced way of nourishing your body and health through food.

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