Faculty: Ricardo R. Bartelme, M.D.

Ricardo Bartelme, M.D.Dr. Ricardo Bartelme is Board Certified in Family Medicine and practices comprehensive Family Medicine for adults, children, and pregnant women. He has been a faculty member in the University of Michigan's Department of Family Medicine at Briarwood Family Medicine since 1991. For three years he was a medical missionary, practicing village primary care, including birth care, in Bolivia, South America.

Dr. Bartelme graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and then received his Family Medicine training at the University of California, San Diego, serving as Chief Resident his last year. He also underwent extensive clinical training (intensive seminars and supervised patient care) in Anthroposophic Medicine both in the United States as well as in medical centers in Switzerland and Germany. In 2005 he completed the two year certification course, The Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine, sponsored by the Physicians' Association for Anthroposophical Medicine. He has also been trained in the principles and practice of functional medicine, which involves herbal and nutritional treatment of chronic illnesses.

His clinical interests include family-centered obstetrics, musculoskeletal medicine, nutrition, and the whole range of primary care for adults and children.

Dr. Bartelme's goal is to integrate the best of conventional scientific medicine and the various complementary supplements and modalities with the holistic, anthroposophic medical approach. He has experience in treating many illnesses from a complementary and alternative medicine approach.

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