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Faculty Scholars Program

UM Faculty Scholars: 2013-2014 Participants and Projects

Ana Baylin, MD, PhD
University of Michigan Associate Professor, Epidemiology,  School of Public Health

Project: Develop an RCT examining the impact of organic vs non-organic dairy products on fatty acid profiles and biomarkers in breast cancer patients or those at high risk for breast cancer.

Paul Draus, PhD
University of Michigan Dearborn Associate Professor, Sociology, Behavioral Sciences

Project: Design a course on CAM/IM for Health Policy Studies Program at U of M Dearborn, Detroit. 

Jackie Friedman, MD
McLaren Medical Group, Staff Physician, Family Medicine (Michigan State University Family Medicine Residency Site)

Project: Design integrative outpatient medicine consultation clinic within hospital system.

Susan Levisohn, MD
University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Fellow, School of Medicine, Division of Family Medicine

Project: Develop wellness workshops for residents in family medicine using expressive therapies.

Sue Ryskamp, MS, RD
University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, Nutritionist

Project: Develop evidence-based integrative medicine guidelines for Cardio-Oncology patients in treatment and survivorship as a first step in design of integrative cardio-oncology program/clinic.

Amy Schultz, MD, MPH
Allegiance Prevention and Community Mental Health, Director;  Jackson County Health Department, Medical Director

Project: Implement Integrative healthcare principles and clinical services more broadly throughout the Prevention and Community Health division of Allegiance Health.

Heather Seipke, PhD
University of Michigan –Flint, Associate Professor of Communication, Department of Communication

Project: Research perceptions of integrative medicine depicted in the media and contrast with evidence.

Max Shtein, PhD
University of Michigan, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Project: Develop materials and devices to transduce the physiological manifestations of stress into measurable signals which can be further developed into self-monitoring ultra-portable gadgets and software, adapting/interfaces with different environments.

Andrea Siegel, PhD
University of Michigan Lecturer, Jewish Communal Leadership School of Social Work and Frankel Center Judaic Studies

Project: Develop a pre-med undergraduate humanities course that builds narrative skill and appreciation for whole patient bio-psycho-social spiritual care.

Lisa Marie Spratke, PA-C
University of Michigan Physician Assistant, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Project: Design set of IM patient handout materials for gynecology/oncology in collaboration with former faculty scholars in Gync-Oncology.

Laura Struble, PhD, GNP-BC
University of Michigan Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Department of Geropsychiatry

Project: Develop a research study to determine efficacy of traditional needle acupuncture and laser acupuncture treatments for disruptive agitated/anxiety behaviors in patients with dementia.