Faculty Scholars Program

This year-long, multidisciplinary program in integrative health care provides selected faculty from the Medical School and colleges across Michigan campuses, and schools of Business, Dentistry, Social Work, Nursing, Art and Architecture, Music, Kinesthesiology and Public Health with opportunity to explore the theoretical principles, clinical practices, and evidence related to complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies. Topics include common CAM modalities, the evidence base for CAM, patterns of patient use of CAM, methods for effective communication with patients about CAM use, and means for coordinating health care with CAM practitioners. The program extensively uses participatory educational methods, small-group problem-solving activities, seminar-style discussions, and interactions with CAM practitioners and patients.

The purpose of the program is to extend resources to faculty that can be applied to teaching, research and clinical care in the emerging field of integrative health care. Graduates of the program are expected to advance knowledge and practice of integrative health care in their respective schools, colleges and departments.