Faculty Scholars Program

Program Requirements

Faculty Scholars are expected to attend 11 full-day sessions over the course of the academic calendar year. Two half days consist of educational content focused on curriculum and research design and nutrition. Another half day session occurs with the larger alumnae community of Faculty Scholars. Participating faculty receive two binders of materials that include reading and resource information.

Between monthly sessions, scholars are expected to complete assigned reading and to work on designing an individual curriculum, research or clinical service application project of their own passion related to integrative health. Scholars will be mentored on these projects by Integrative medicine program faculty.

FSP projects can consist of one of the following:

  1. An educational module/course complete with learning resources, activities, research evidence, etc
  2. A specific educational application in the curriculum of the school or department in which the candidate works
  3. A clinical service or research proposal that can be submitted for internal or external funding
  4. A pilot research project to empirically examine educational, clinical or science applications to integrative health issues.

Tuition/Registration fees for participation in this year long program

Program payment may be made by personal check or through departmental account transfer before the first session begins in September, 2016. We are sorry that will not be able to offer any tuition refunds once Scholars are accepted and agree to participate for the academic year.