Integrative Medicine Fellowship

Educational Objectives

Fellows observe unique patient intake and interview techniques, become familiar with the expansive nature of a whole person approach to health care, and receive an introduction to the development of optimal health care plans for patients. They participate in the management of diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, mood disorders and autoimmune disease, among other common primary care complaints. In addition, they consult with a broad cross-section of the population interested in seeking optimal health. As part of this process, fellows are exposed to multiple perspectives on health and disease as they work to extend their listening and intuitive skill base.

Fellows become adept at learning from patients, engaging in non-judgmental inquiry, and developing an awareness of how their own biases influence patient care. The complexities of clinical decision-making in an integrative medicine context will be explored.

The following links provide additional information regarding learning outcomes targeted by the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Fellowship: