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Curriculum in Integrative Medicine: A Guide for Medical Educators

The Integrative Medicine Curriculum Guide has been designed to assist medical educators to implement curriculum that supports the development of integrative medicine competencies. In 2001, a subgroup of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers in Integrative Medicine (CAHCIM) began to work on guidelines for assisting medical schools in their design of integrative medicine curriculum activities. As a first step, this Education Working Group developed a set of competencies that delineated the values, knowledge, attitudes and skills that the CAHCIM believes are fundamental to the field of Integrative Medicine. A second step involved the development of a curriculum guide to outline effective curriculum aligned with these competencies. The Guide has been distributed to all medical schools. It contains samples of materials that were contributed by medical educators from a number of U.S. medical schools belonging to the Consortium to illustrate approaches to introducing CAM and integrative medicine topics. Materials presented in the Guide represent offerings from a variety of medical schools that can be employed at different levels within the four years of medical school. The curriculum examples represent a variety of topics and incorporate the many approaches to facilitating effective learning. Modules include:

In addition to curriculum samples, included are the integrative medicine competencies, and a discussion of curriculum evaluation methods.

The co-editors of this Guide were Benjamin Kligler, Rita Benn, and Gwen Alexander. The guide is available in hard copy and CD-ROM formats. A PDF version is available on the CAHCIM Web site.