Third Year Curriculum

Educational Materials
M3 Seminars in Medicine - CAM and Cancer
M3 Advanced History-Taking
M3 Psychiatry Lecture Series Handouts

Seminars in Medicine: CAM and Cancer
This conference session is designed to enhance patient-based learning and introduce issues related to the use of complementary and alternative therapies in the treatment of cancer. It is scheduled one Friday afternoon as part of the third year Medical School curriculum.

Advanced History-Taking
The course builds on information taught in preceding courses and sequences to provide students with a basic understanding of: (1) the importance of obtaining a patient history cognizant of CAM use; (2) the need to gather a patient’s CAM history in a sensitive manner; (3) critical safety and interaction issues; and (4) consequences of a collaborative approach to patient care.

Psychiatry Lecture Series Handouts
Handouts have been designed to supplement the third year Psychiatry lecture series. Topics currently include: