July 19, 2012: Dr. Locke is the new director of Integrative Family Medicine

Description: Amy Locke, M.D.The Department is pleased to announce that Amy B. Locke, M.D., assistant professor, as the director of Integrative Family Medicine (IFM).

Taking over from Sara L. Warber, M.D., associate professor, Dr. Locke will oversee the integrative medicine fellowship and medical student/resident educational efforts, work with leadership at Briarwood Family Medicine to maximize the IFM clinical practice, and help promote scholarship in integrative medicine.

“I am excited for the opportunity to build on Sara’s years of work at the University of Michigan and look forward to collaboration with individuals and programs across the University. My long-term vision is to develop the integrative medicine programs at the University of Michigan into core components of the University, Medical School and Department of Family Medicine. I believe further development of integrative medicine will have an enormous and lasting impact on those who train and seek care at the U-M. I hope to shepherd the IFM clinic towards sustainable models of care that respect the tenants of integrative medicine,” says Dr. Locke.

Dr. Warber inaugurated the medical school curriculum in 2001, founded the integrative medicine clinic in 2003, and led the fellowship starting in 2006, but her history with integrative medicine goes back to 1998 with the start of the U-M Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Center, where she served as co-director. She will be focusing on her research, particularly the beneficial effects of the natural environment on health, and has committed to working with Dr. Locke to ensure a smooth transition.

“This is a wonderful development to have IFM recognized by establishing this directorship. Dr. Locke is an outstanding choice to carry this program into the future, given her demonstrated commitment to integrative medicine and her excellence in leadership,” says Dr. Warber.

Dr. Warber will also continue to direct the interdisciplinary program called University of Michigan Integrative Medicine (UMIM), that brings together researchers, educators, clinicians, and staff from across the University who are interested in integrative medicine.

“I’m very excited and thankful that Dr. Locke is willing to take on this role, and I anticipate significant success for the program in the upcoming years under her guidance. I would also like to thank Dr. Warber for her years of dedication, service, and innovation in the program,” notes Philip Zazove, M.D., professor and interim chair.