MCIT Webserver Access Request

NOTE: Several UMHS departments run their own web servers; if you are associated with any of these departments, you should check with them before requesting file space on the MCIT server. It may be more appropriate for you to use the departmental service and, in any case, you'll want to coordinate your publishing plans with theirs. Departments currently running their own Web servers--or publishing information from servers other than MCIT's--include the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Pathology, Surgery, and Anesthesiology.

If you would like to publish UMHS-related information on the Web but do not want to set up and maintain a Web server yourself, MCIT will provide file space for you on the MCIT web document server MEDINFO, which allows you to publish a site at

Information you publish from the MCIT server should be related to your UMHS department, project, facility, research or job. If you would like to publish a personal homepage, unrelated to the work you do at UMHS, you should use the IFS space allocated to you by UM, following these instructions .
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