Management Rights and Responsibilities

It is the supervisor's responsibility to hire and develop quality employees so that minimal discipline is necessary.

The following is a list of management rights and responsibilities:

  1. Be responsive to individual needs and facilitate individual growth;

  2. Determine the work to be done and the performance expectations;

  3. Assure that the employee has the ability, tools, and resources to perform the job;

  4. Determine the staffing, methods, processes, and means by which work will be performed;

  5. Establish and change work schedules and hours of operation as needed;

  6. Be fair and treat employees equitably;

  7. Set standards in accordance with SPG, labor agreements, and laws;

  8. Review classification descriptions and assign work fairly to each individual;

  9. Determine the necessary qualifications of those who will perform work in your unit;

  10. Determine key competencies and be consistent;

  11. Change or introduce new operations, methods and processes;

  12. Use facts and data to support operational changes while facilitating staff input;

  13. Assign, transfer, promote, demote, release and layoff employees;

  14. Suspend, discipline, and discharge employees as needed;

  15. Follow policies and let employees know where they stand on a timely basis;

  16. Evaluate yourself!

Importance of Feedback and Progressive Discipline: