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Electronic Recruitment Sources

There may be a fee associated with advertising on electronic job sites. Employment and Executive Services contracts with several of these resources to provide placements. Before placing an ad, call your Human Resources Representative to discuss placement.

Recruiting Web sites in Michigan and/or related to Education or Health Care

Academic Employment On-line

Chronicle of Higher Ed Publication

Higher Ed jobs

State of Michigan jobs

Detroit Free Press

Michigan Live (state site)

Michigan Works

Ann Arbor News Classified

Pharmacy Career Center

Science Jobs

Recruiting Websites Related to Diversity:

Recruitment Consulting Website

Employer Assistance Referral Network(Disability)

National and General Job and Career Web sites:

America's Career Infonet

America's Job Bank

Career Builder

Career Central

Career Magazine

Career Mosaic

Career Site

Career Web

Employment Guide

Headhunter Services

Hot Jobs

Jobs in the Money

Monster Board


Temporary Jobs


One Center

True Careers