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UPDATE: January, 2015


As announced in March of 2014, changes to the UMHHC PTO and Extended Sick Time Program will take effect July 1, 2015. Please note that these changes only apply to non-bargained for UMHHC and UMHS Shared Services staff subject to the UMHHC PTO program.

As a reminder, the following changes will be implemented as of 7/1/2015:

  • Staff members must hold a minimum 50 percent (20 hours or 50% FTE) appointment in order to be eligible to accrue PTO and be eligible for the extended sick time program. Any remaining PTO hours in the bank will be paid out in the last regular July 2015 paycheck.
  • Staff members will be eligible sooner for the extended sick time program after one year of service, versus the current two-year service requirement.  Eligibility to accrue PTO time at date of hire will not change.
  • Once eligible, staff members will renew their extended sick time bank every two years, versus the current five-year renewal period.
  • Staff members will only be required to use 40 hours (prorated by appointment) to “bridge” to extended sick pay versus the current 80 hours requirement (prorated). 
      • In order to qualify for extended sick pay, the staff member must be absent due to a serious and/or chronic disabling illness or injury in excess of 10 consecutive working days.  
      • The current (10-day) referral period to Work Connections will not change.
  • The current two-bank extended sick time program will change to a three-bank  system (prorated by appointment) : 
    • 400 hrs. (employee receives  100 percent pay)
    • 656 hrs. (employee receives 66.67 percent pay)
    • 1056 hrs. (employee receives 50 percent pay)
  • On 7/1/2015, existing extended sick time bank balances will transfer to the three-bank system. There is also a change in the current renewal schedule.

Individuals who are utilizing extended sick on 7/1/2015 and are on a continuous (non-intermittent or sporadic) basis, will remain on the current two-bank system until they have a successful return to work for 30 days. This includes individuals who are utilizing their PTO or No Pay to bridge to Extended Sick.

Impacted employees will receive an individual email notification scheduled for Jan. 26, 2015 to remind them of these upcoming changes. Please see the attached letter scheduled for distribution to staff.

For questions, please contact your HR Consultant or email:


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