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Employment Inquiries

How do I apply for a job? May I submit a resume only?

The University and Health System have an automated application process. Forms and information are online A resume can be attached to your profile in the application management system. You can log on using your Kerberos/University password and search the system for all jobs.

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Is it possible to have an employment application faxed to me?

No. We no longer have a paper application. You can create an application/profile at

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What if I have a question about a specific job posting?

You may contact any of the Employment Offices with your questions.

Health System Human Resources 734-647-5538

Ann Arbor Campus Employment Services 734-615-2000

Dearborn Campus Personnel 313-593-5190

Flint Campus Personnel 810-762-3150

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What is the deadline for a particular job posting?

Job postings will remain open/active until the job is filled or expires from the site.

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Can I access job postings on the computer?

Yes. at

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Who should I contact to update my resume/application?

You can make any changes or modifications to your application/profilie using the "Username" and "Password" your created.

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Where can I view job salary ranges?

Current salary rangges can be reviewed at

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