Every day, thousands of University of Michigan biomedical researchers engage in discovery. And our success breeds success:

  • Our Medical School is eighth in the nation in terms of National Institutes of Health funding - $366 million in Fiscal Year 2009 alone.
  • Another $69 million was won in competition with other top-notch researchers at universities around the country.
  • We are currently involved in more than 400 clinical research trials - from new cancer medications to preventive health care - in which our patients and our community play a vital role.
  • New ideas from our laboratories and clinics are translated into new companies, new products and new ways of delivering health care.
  • Our University has just had the largest research expansion in more than 60 years: the North Campus Research Complex is our newest hub for academic and private-sector research with 30 buildings in 2 million square feet of sophisticated research space.

Who knows what the future will bring? We have an idea that it's something good for the entire world.