M-CALL Appointment Scheduling

Referring your patient to a UMHS specialty should be as easy as possible. The
M-CALL online form automatically fills physician information and provides easy click to select options for efficient request completion.

Our M-CALL FAX referral request form is designed to capture all of the vital information regarding your patient, his/her insurance, diagnosis and type of treatment needed.

Urgent Appointments

We are happy to schedule urgent appointments for your patients. Please be sure to include all information you think might be important or pertinent to ensure that we have enough information to schedule the appointment properly, including:

  • Complete patient information including an alternate number
  • In how many days your referring physician wants this patient seen (In other words, what does "urgent" mean to your physician? One day? Five days? Two weeks?
  • Has the patient had any tests? If so, which ones?
  • Are there any helpful notes in the patient's chart regarding this urgent health issue that will help get a faster appointment?

The more information you can provide on the online M-CALL form or our M-CALL FAX referral request form, the more you will help the M-CALL referral coordinator obtain the most appropriate appointment for your patient.