The Clinical Simulation Center is located on the second floor of Towsley Center on the main medical campus of the University of Michigan. A map of the medical campus can be found here: http://www2.med.umich.edu/healthcenters/gmaps/medcenter.cfm

Enter the UMCSC from the connector between University Hospital and old Mott Children’s Hospital. For further assistance, please contact: 734.936.8305.

Clinical Simulation Center
Dept of Medical Education
University of Michigan
G2400 Towsley Center
1500 E Medical Center Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

The UMCSC is a state of the art simulation facility consisting of five large rooms which include a Bench-top Lab, four-bay Human Patient Simulation Lab, Task Training Lab, Robotic Surgery Training Lab and a Debriefing / Conference Room, as well as staff offices, reception area, support and storage space. All of the rooms are flexible space, fully equipped for audio/visual recording, presentation and debriefing. Wireless internet is accessible throughout the facility.

The Bench-top Lab is a 1,100 square foot space equipped with 11 height-adjustable tables and seating capacity for 44 people. The space is designed to accommodate use of human plastinated parts, animal parts, bench top simulators and simulation related classroom presentations. Multiple electrical outlets are available at all 11 stations. Refrigerator/freezer space, full size scrub sink, and small instrument storage space is also available.

The Human Patient Simulation Lab space houses all of our mannequin based human patient simulators. The space consists of 4 fully equipped bays which are flexible and can be set up as an O.R. w/anesthesia machine, trauma bay, ICU, ped ICU, labor and delivery and /or standard patient room. The lab can be easily partitioned via automated roll-down dividers for simultaneous group functions. All bays are equipped with Berchtold or Skytron lights, appropriate stretchers or Berchtold O.R. table, wall mounted oxygen and suction, defibrillators, crash carts and individual bay audio/visual recording capability. The simulators typically used in this space include the M.E.T.I. Human Patient Simulators (adult and pediatric), SimMan, SimBaby, Noelle birthing simulator, Gaumard HAL family, Harvey, MegaCode Kellys and ALS Trainers.

The Task Training Lab is space designated for our computer based task trainers. The lab is flexible, with multiple electrical outlets, and can be easily partitioned via automated roll-down dividers for multiple group functions. An outside, 24 hour key-card entrance is available for after-hours practice with the simulators. Simulators located in this lab typically include, but are not limited to, the laparoscopic box trainers, LapSim, LapSim II, LapMentor, UroMentor, HysteroSim, EndoscopicSims (2), VIST vascular interventional trainer, Knee Arthroscopic Simulator, video-Mac, FLS stations and laptop computers for simulation software exercises.

The Robotic Surgery Training Lab is a 400 square foot space designated for our Davinci robotic surgery simulator and our fully operational, complete DaVinci robot. A 24 hour key card access allows for after-hours practice. Internet and phone access are also available in the room.

The Debriefing/Conference Room is a standard classroom with seating and tables for 24 people. The space is equipped for audio/visual presentations and may also be used as overflow space for large simulation based activities.