CSC Research Committee

The CSC Research Committee meets quarterly to discuss collaborative and institutional level research development, individual projects and potential funding, as well as to provide managerial oversight of the research activities supported by the Clinical Simulation Center. The Research Committee Chair and the Director of the Clinical Simulation Center head the CSC Research Committee. The CSC Research Committee will be comprised of voluntary faculty from the various constituent entities subscribing to the Clinical Simulation Center, and who have demonstrated research initiative, expertise, ethics, innovation, and a collaborative nature in conducting a research using simulation-based technologies and/or the Clinical Simulation Center itself. The committee shall be comprised of no fewer than 6 and no more than 12 members. No subscribing entity may have more than one representative on the research committee at a time. The Chair of the Research Committee and the Director of the Clinical Simulation Center approve all committee appointments to ensure that balanced representation among the subscribing entities is achieved.

The CSC Research Committee Chair is:
Deborah Rooney, PhD
Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
School of Medicine
Department of Medical Education

Committee Members

The current research committee is comprised of the following members:

Benjamin Bassin     Emergency Medicine
James M Cooke     Family Medicine
David A Marzano     Obstetrics & Gynecology
Maya Hammound     Obstetrics & Gynecology
Monica L Lypson     Internal Medicine, Graduate Medical Education
Nicholas Teman     Surgery
Deborah Rooney, Chair     Department Medical Education
Steven Kronick     Emergency Medicine
Gail Annich     Pediatrics
Matthew Caldwell     Anesthesiology
Hilary Haftel     Pediatric Medicine
Kate Klein     Radiology

Committee Mission

The mission of the CSC Research Committee is threefold:

  1. To guide an overarching research agenda for the CSC itself, that includes the following dimensions:
    • Technical Skills
    • Procedural Skills
    • Clinical Decision Making
    • Clinical Team Performance
    • Team Coordination & Communication
    • Advancement of Medical Simulation Technologies
    • Advance Simulation-based Instructional Methods
    • Development of Objective Assessment/Performance Standards
  2. To review and approve applications to conduct research in the CSC
    • Assure that all requested research is from a constituent entity of the CSC.
    • Assure that all requested projects have the support of the “home” entity; i.e. department, medical school, hospital unit, OCA, etc.
    • Assure the research projects do not interfere with each other or confound other projects being conducted in the CSC.
    • Assure that no research project interferes with instructional needs of entities using the CSC for instruction and training.
    • Determine what resource costs to the CSC are entailed and if the project must be charged for undue burden on CSC resources.
    • Make certain that all research has a defined protocol that is methodologically sound.
    • Make certain that the CSC can support the project as it is defined with schedules, personnel, material, equipment, etc.
    • Determine what is expected from the CSC personnel to support the project
    • Verify that all CSC supported research has IRB exemption or approval.
    • Determine whether the research fits with the overarching research agenda for the CSC
    • Assess the merit of non-conforming projects and determine whether or not the CSC will support the project on a single issue basis
  3. To provide support to individuals and groups wanting to conduct research in the CSC
    • Provide templates for research methods and protocols for CSC usage.
    • Prioritize projects so that the maximum number of research projects may be conducted at any given time without compromising other projects or instructional uses.
    • Work with researchers to frame projects for success in the CSC.
    • Facilitate connections between and among researchers with similar or coordinating projects.
    • Facilitate collaborative projects wherever possible.
    • Identify potential projects that match the CSC research agenda and consider how best to make the opportunities known to the CSC community.
    • Make recommendations to the CSC Administration to secure any resources required to support research projects that are determined to be critically important to the overarching research priorities.
    • Identify potential funding sources for projects wherever possible.
    • Provide timely feedback to all applicants about the status of their research project proposals.
    • Provide concrete feedback to applicants after their projects are reviewed, including suggestions for how a rejected proposal could be altered to make it acceptable.

Committee Operations

The CSC Research Committee will meet quarterly for 60-90 minutes depending on the agenda for the meeting.

If there are no project applications submitted and/or pending and there are no other agenda items, it is at the discretion of the committee chair to cancel the meeting and wait until the next scheduled meeting to address items forthcoming. In the event that the committee has a greater volume of applications to review than anticipated, the committee chair has the discretion to convene the committee between scheduled meetings.

Project proposals will be reviewed at the meeting following their submission. Applicants will be informed of the committee decisions by email or verbally within 24 hours of the committee meeting.

The Research Committee Chair will present a report of ongoing research, new research projects, and potential research opportunities at the quarterly CSC Steering Committee Meeting.

Project Submission Protocol

All research proposals are submitted electronically by email to Dr. Deborah Rooney (Director of Education and Research for CSC, and Chair, CSC Research Committee).

The following items are required for all proposals:

The research committee must approve projects before applying for IRB approval. This is to make sure that the CSC is able to support the project and can plan to do so with resources and schedule allocations. It is highly recommended that all entities wishing to conduct research in the CSC meet with the CSC Director or Research Committee Chair to draft a workable proposal prior to applying for approval of the project at committee. The Director and Chair can provide guidance and information to the researcher that would give the project the best possible chance of being approved and scheduled in the CSC. The Committee Chair and/or CSC Director may submit the project that is under consultation to the committee for feedback and suggestions prior to the formal approval process if they believe the committee may offer a better professional perspective.