Medical Education

CSC Infant Mock CodeThe UMCSC provides a cross departmental, inter- and intra-institutional resource at the University of Michigan to facilitate procedural and team training in medical education. The center administration and faculty are part of the University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Medical Education, and work directly with the medical school and academic specialty departments to design, develop, and implement curriculum and instruction for medical students, residents and fellows, and continuing medical education for physicians and other clinicians. Instructional activities within the clinical simulation center are rooted in educational learning theory and applied practices that support the acquisition of knowledge and skills specific to clinical performance in medicine and health care. UMCSC is an active partner with the University of Michigan Health Care System in providing educational opportunities to advance patient care through state-of-the-art practices that maximize learning opportunities while increasing patient safety by facilitating practice in simulated environments.

The development of curriculum and instructional methods is an ongoing process to assure the best practices and techniques are employed in teaching our medical students, residents and fellows. Program and outcome evaluation is an active part of the curriculum to assess the programmatic and procedural specific strengths of using simulation for instruction. All instruction is tied to performance outcomes, which encourages the assimilation of concepts in an applied environment and provides the best scenario for the transfer of skills to real world clinical situations.

The UMCSC supports the medical school curriculum beginning with the third year clinical rotations through the various departmental specialties. Students may continue to use the simulation center during their fourth year sub-internships depending on the areas of specialty they select. Graduate medical education is supported by UMCSC with well developed curriculum for the various departmental specialties.