Transgenic Rats Are Available

from the University of Michigan Transgenic Core

The Transgenic Facility routinely produces transgenic rats for biomedical research. We have developed considerable expertise in this area (Filipiak and Saunders, 2006).  The general outline of producing transgenic rats and transgenic mice is the same.

The efficiency of transgenic rat production is equivalent to the production of transgenic mice in inbred mouse strains such as C57BL/6J.

We have generate transgenic rats in the following genetic backgrounds:

Fischer 344 Rats - F344/NHsd

Long Evans Rats - Crl:LE

Sprague Dawley Rats - Crl:CD (SD)

Wistar Rats - Crl:Wi

We have successfully generated
    plasmid transgene transgenic rats
    bacterail artificial chromosome transgenic rats
    knockout rats by the pronuclear microinjection of zinc finger nuclease mRNA.

If you are interested in obtaining transgenic rats from the Transgenic Facility, please contact for more information.