Meet the Staff
University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Model Core Facility
2570 Medical Science Research Building II
1150 West Med. Center Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5674

TEL: 734-647-2910
FAX: (734) 936-2622

Front Row, Left to Right: Cody Cousineau, Thom Saunders, Michael Zeidler

Back Row, Left to Right: Corey Ziebell, Galina Gavrilina, Elizabeth Hughes, Anna LaForest, Wanda Filipiak

Contact Information

Thom Saunders, Ph.D., Director

Elizabeth Hughes, M.S., Assistant Director

Wanda Filipiak, D.V.M.

Galina Gavrilina, B.S.

Anna LaForest, B.S.

Michael Zeidler, M.S.

Corey Ziebell, B.S.