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CRISPR/Cas9 Online Tools



Mouse Genome Sequence


Molecular Genetics Resources

BAC Libraries

Commercial Genotyping Services

DNA and Gene Cloning Services

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Who Has My Genetically Engineered Mouse/ES Cell Clone?

NIH KnockOut Mouse Project (KOMP)
Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) Repository
NIH KnockOut Mouse Project (KOMP)
International Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC)
European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program (EUCOMM)
Texas A&M Institute of Genomic Medicine (TIGM)
Unitrap Database of Gene Trapped ES Cell Clones
Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository (CMMR)
Center for AnimalResources and Development Database (CARD)
European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA)
Japan Mouse/Rat Strain Resources Database
RIKEN BioResource Centers
Taconic Knockout Repository
International Gene Trap Consortium
CMHD Mutagenesis Core and Gene Trap Core
German Gene Trap Consortium
International Mouse Mutagenesis Consortium (IMMC)
Riken Large Scale Mutagenesis Project
Stem Cells at the National Academies

More Mouse Databases - Has Someone Made Your Cre or Conditional Mouse?

Brian Condie's Cre Transgenic Database

Cre Mouse Portal at The Jackson Laboratory

Andras Nagy's Cre-X-Mice: A Database of Cre Transgenic Lines

Mouse Cre Database at the Institut Clinique de la Souris
            Cre Zoo Database at the Fleming Institute

  International Mouse Strain Resource

Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers

The Jackson Laboratory Induced Mutant Resource

Mouse Biology Resources

NetVet: Rodents

Whole Mouse Catalog

  Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Eighth Edition (2011)

Online Atlases of Mouse Developmental Anatomy 

Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project  (EMAP)

Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy Mouse Atlas

Mouse Biomedical Research Informatics Network (BIRN) Atlasing Toolkit  

The Virtual Embryo

Caltech µMRI Atlas of Mouse Development 

NIEHS Developing Mouse Heart Atlas

For password to database see

Savolainen SM, Foley JF, Elmore SA. 2009. Histology atlas of the developing mouse heart with emphasis on E11.5 to E18.5. Toxicol Pathol. 37:395-414

Allen Institute for Brain Science: Developing Mouse Brain Atlas 

The Electronic Prenatal Mouse Brain Atlas  

Vista Transgenic Enhancer Atlas of the Developing Telencephalon

Vascular Atlas of the Developing Mouse Embryo    


In Situ Hybridization Mouse Gene Expression Databases

Edinburgh Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE)        

Gene Expression Database (GXD)  

GenePaint Digital Atlas of Gene Expression            

EURExpress Transcriptome Atlas     

The Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas     

GENSAT Brain Atlas of Gene Expression

Preimplantation Embryo Whole Mount in situ Hybridization

GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project (GUDMAP)

European Renal Genome Projet Kidney Atlas

Wnt Pathway in Mouse Embryos


Genomic Libraries of Gene Expression 

Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression

GermSAGE: Male Germ Cell Transcriptome

GonadSAGE: Male Embryonic Gonad Transcriptome   

ArrayExpress Gene Expression Atlas 

Gene Expression Omnibus

Gene Expression Database in 4D

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Transgenic Web Sites

Baylor College of Medicine Genetically Engineered  Mouse Core

  Beth Israel Deaconess Transgenic Facility

Case Western Reserve University Transgenesis and Targeting Service

Columbia-Presbyterian Cancer Center Transgenic Mouse Research Center

Duke University Trangenic Mouse Facility

Emory University Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

Johns Hopkins University Transgenic Core Laboratory

Indiana University School of Medicine Transgenic & Knockout Mouse

Lexicon Genetics, Inc.

Massachusetts General Hospital Transgenic Core

Medical College of Georgia Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell and Transgenesis Core Laboratories

Medical College of Wisconsin Transgenic Core Facility

Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston Transgenic Core

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mouse Genetics Shared Resource Facility

New York University Cancer Institute Transgenic Mouse/Embryonic Stem Cell Chimera Facility

  NCI-Frederick Transgenic and Knock-out Services

Northwestern University Transgenic and Targeted Mutagenesis Core Facility

Ohio State University Transgenic Animal Facility

Oregon Health and Science University Transgenics/Gene Targeting Facility

Penn State University College of  Medicine Transgenic Core Research Facility

Penn State University Huck Life Sciences Instutte Transgenic Mouse Facility

Princeton University Transgenic Core Facility

Purdue University Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

Roswell Park Cancer Institute Gene Targeting and Transgenics Facility

Stanford Transgenic Research Facility Shared Resource

SUNY-Stony Brook Transgenic Mouse and ES-cell Facility

Thomas Jefferson University Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility

Tufts-New England Medical Center Transgenic Core Facility

Tulane University Transgenic Mouse Facility

University of Alabama, Birmingham Transgenic Mouse Facility

University of Albany Transgenic Mouse Core

University of Arizona Cancer Center Genetically Engineered Mouse Shared Service

University of California, Davis Murine Targeted Genomics Laboratory

University of California, Irvine Transgenic Mouse Facility

University of California, Los Angeles Transgenic Mouse Facility

University of California, San Diego Medical Center Moores Cancer Center Transgenic Mouse and Gene Targeting Core

  University of California, San Francisco Cancer Center Transgenic/Targeted Mutagensis Facilty

University of Chicago Transgenic Core

University of Cincinnati Gene Targeted Mouse Facility

University of Cincinnati Transgenic Mouse Facility

University of Colorado, Boulder, Transgenic Facility

University of Colorado Health Science Center Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

  University of Connecticut Health Center Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility

University of Illinois, Chicago, Transgenic Production Service

University of Iowa, Transgenic Animal Facility

University of Kansas Transgenic and Gene Targeting Institutional Facility

University of KentuckyTransgenic Facility

University of Massachusetts Transgenic Animal Modeling Core

University of Miami School of Medicine (Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center), Transgenic and Targeted Mutant Mouse Core Facility

University of Michigan Transgenic Animal Model Core

University of Minnesota Mouse Genetics Laboratory

University of Missouri, Columbia

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Transgenic Core Facility

Universty of Nevada Transgenic Center

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility

University of Rochester  Medical Center Transgenic Facility

University of Texas at Austin Mouse Genetic Engineering Facility

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

University of Texas Medical Branch Transgenic  Mouse Facility

Universtity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Transgenic Core Facility

University of Utah Transgenic/Gene Targeting Facility

University of Virginia Gene Targeting and Transgenic Facility

University of Washington Transgenic Animal Resources

University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center, Transgenic Animal Facility

Vanderbilt University Transgenic Mouse/ES Cell Shared Resource

Virginia Commonwealth University Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Transgenic and Gene-Knockout Mouse Facility

Washington University School of Medicine Mouse Genetics Core

   Yale University Animal Resources Center




Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre Transgenic Facility

CMMT/CGDN Transgenic Core Facility




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