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BAC Recombineering Pilot Project Application Information

First Round Submission Deadline: July 31, 2007

A. Submission Information:

Submit applications via email to: Merle Rosenzweig or FAX to 734-936-2622
If you have questions contact: Thom Saunders (734-647-2910).
B. Eligibility
Eligible Applicants: University of Michigan Faculty.
Preference will be given to members of research centers that support the BAC Recombineering Core initiative: Center for Organogenesis, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Life Sciences Institute, Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center, Michigan Gastrointestinal Peptide Research Center, and faculty of basic science departments in the Medical School (Medical School Endowment for the Basic Sciences).
C.  Your proposal should include:
C1. Cover Page including the following information:
Project Title

Project Director

Academic Rank

Email address




Address Line 1

Address Line 2

City, State, Zip Code

If this research involves proprietary or classified Information, please explain.

C2. Current NIH Biosketch and Other Support pages.

C3. Proposal Narrative:  (Not to exceed three pages)

The narrative should adhere to the following outline:
Specific Aims.
Previous work related to this issue (cite references within page limitations).
Research Plan, include rationale for desired BAC structure and design to detect expression.
Why is it vital to conduct this research with a BAC construct instead of a small plasmid?
Significance of proposed project (in this field and for applicant)
D. Review Criteria
D1. Scientific Merit: What is the potential impact of this BAC on your research? Is the intent to obtain basic science information that will further your research program?

D2. Feasibility:  Given the limited capacity of BAC recombineering in the Transgenic Core and the excellence of research at our university, it is likely that we will be unable to provide awards to every meritoroius application.

D3. Note that the application does not require that BACs be used to generate transgenic rodent models. In vitro applications will be given full consideration.

E. Awards
Awards will be announced August 30, 2007. The number of awards will depend on the number of applications with scientific merit. BAC molecules will be recombineered at nominal cost for awardees ($250). Awardees will be contacted, at which time they will forward a copy of their approval letter from the Institutional Biosafety Committee for research involving recombinant DNA molecules.

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