RelaxIt's normal to feel stressed out in the face of illness and upcoming surgery. Most patients experience some degree of stress and nervousness, be it a few butterflies to full-on anxiety that can disrupt sleep and affect appetite. Whatever your level of stress, we want to help you try and manage it. We know, easier said than done. But as much as possible try to think positively. Doing so can significantly decrease your stress level. Take control over the things you can control, and do your best now – today – to make yourself healthier and stronger.

Mind and Body Are Connected

Stress and the resulting chemical changes in the body affect the immune, and other, systems. There really is a mind-body connection, and added stress prior to surgery can increase your risk for complications, including higher pain levels and slower healing.

Gaining Confidence

Most of us feel anxious when, for whatever the reasons, we lack confidence in our ability to weather a given situation. Maybe you feel there are too many unknowns and you're not sure what to expect, or you don't feel like you have much control. Those are two common reasons for feeling stressed and anxious. The MSHOP was specifically designed to help you exert more control over your health and preparation for surgery. That, in itself, we hope will ease some of the stress you may be feeling.