What is MSHOP?

MSHOP (Michigan Surgical & Health Optimization Program) is a unique and comprehensive program developed by the University of Michigan Department of Surgery to help improve the health of patients before surgery and provide tools to help them back to everyday life as soon as possible following surgery.

We, and most likely you too, know that there are certain risk factors that increase the chance of complications during and after surgery:

  • Being inactive – decreases muscle mass & weakens muscles
  • Eating a poor diet – depletes the immune system and may cause nutrient deficiencies
  • Smoking or using tobacco products – decreases breathing capacity and ability to heal properly
  • Drinking too much alcohol – decreases nutritional status and negatively impacts the immune system
  • Being stressed – drains the immune system
  • Not sleeping well – also depletes the immune system

Four Steps to Improved Surgical Outcomes

Increased activity has been shown to improve muscle strength and function and cardiopulmonary function, making for a faster and stronger recovery. MSHOP focuses on a simple walking program that leverages a pedometer and online reporting to help patients incrementally increase their physical activity level.

Exercising the lungs before surgery can be just as effective as exercising muscles. This can help get patients off the respirator (breathing machine) more quickly and decrease the risk of pneumonia. QUIT TOBACCO – smoking increases the risk of pneumonia. Nicotine increases the time it takes wounds to heal and the risk for infections. And while it is hard to quit, we can help!

3. EAT
Making sure that patients eat properly before surgery will ensure that they have all the nutrients on hand to heal faster and stronger. Additionally, too much alcohol impairs the body's ability to absorb certain nutrients that are essential for healing.

We all know that stress increases the release of hormones that can delay healing and recovery. Taking care, doing gentle breathing exercises, and remembering to dedicate time to positive things can help improve patient outcomes and outlook.

MSHOP addresses these issues by providing support, education, and information for patients:

  • Encouraging Tobacco Cessation: decreasing incidence of post-op pneumonia
  • Improving Nutritional Status: facilitating faster healing, reduced infection rates, optimizing immune function, and decreased LOS
  • Improving Pulmonary Function: decreasing risk of post-op pneumonia with the use of preoperative Incentive Spirometry
  • Facilitating Exercise and Activity: geared toward each patient's capabilities – increasing muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function
  • Providing Techniques for Stress Management – reducing stress improves surgical outcomes

Our hope is that, by empowering patients, they will optimize their surgical outcomes and improve their overall health.

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