Do you have to be able to run a marathon or work out in a gym to improve your outcomes after surgery? No!!

Just by adding a walking program to your daily activities can significantly improve your heart and lungs.


The BREATHE portion of MSHOP focuses on getting your lungs healthier and ready for surgery in two ways:
1. Breathing exercises to improve the function of your lungs.
2. Quitting smoking and tobacco, even for a few weeks before surgery, to help get your lungs in shape.


Good nutrition is vital both to your preparation for and recovery from surgery.

Consuming a range of key nutrients is one of the best ways to "train" for surgery and one of the best ways to lower the risk of complications, help your body heal and recover after your procedure.


It's normal for patients to experience some degree of stress and nervousness before a surgery, but we want to help you try and manage it.

We know, "easier said than done," but there are some simple things you can do.